Panagiotis Astithas

Software engineer and explorer


I am a software developer and project manager with more than fifteen years of professional experience, currently working as an engineering manager on the Firefox team at Mozilla. I have worked as a team lead, architect, and senior developer in various projects in my career. I have a PhD in computer networks and regularly contribute to numerous open source projects, including Firefox, Apache Lucene, Tomcat, Eclipse and FreeBSD.

I work with JavaScript, Java and C/C++, but I have also been paid to code in Objective-C, PHP and Perl. I find learning a new programming language to always be a joy for me.

I was a co-founder and architect for MyNetworkFolders, a cloud storage service for consumers, aiming to bring our desktops to the cloud. It is a highly scalable, AWS-hosted, web service, supporting Google / Yahoo! / Facebook / OpenID accounts. I designed and lead the development of the RESTful API, the main web client, a cross-platform Firefox-based desktop client, and the server-side components, including the controller, the data store, the domain model, a messaging queue and a fully functional WebDAV implementation, which was improved upon and contributed back to Apache Tomcat. I also designed and participated in the actual implementation of a native iPhone client for the service, after having prototyped two web-based ones, with Apple's Dashcode and jQTouch.

I often get a kick out of participating in coding contests, even though I haven't won anything yet. My most successful attempts were in the Jetpack 0.5 contest, where I was runner-up with Jetstatus, and in Node.JS Knockout where we came 5th in the Utility category with Nodify.




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