Developing for Firefox OS

Developing for Firefox OS

Icons of B2G, Firefox OS and Mozilla Apps

Who am I?

Firefox team Photo by Rob Campbell
  • Panagiotis Astithas
  • Firefox Developer Tools engineer
  • {@pastith}


Welcome mat
  • What has Mozilla done?
  • What do we do now?
  • A new challenge
  • Firefox OS / Apps for the web
  • Firefox for developers
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What Mozilla did…

About Internet Explorer 6 info

What Mozilla did…

Browser Logos

Ongoing work…

Mozilla is more than Firefox

A new challenge

Responsive Design Photo by Jason Weaver

Broken promises

Smartphone equals HTML5

Hardware lockout

Very obvious road block Photo by Doug Geisler

Web API work

All the hardware in a mobile with info to the corresponding Web API spec and implementation status

Powered by Firefox OS

Firefox OS running on a phone
Gonk, Gecko and Gaia Photo by Alesa Dam

Interface flexibility

Gaia concepts

Web API documentation

Web API docs

Firefox for developers

Developers at a hack day Photo by Clive Darra

Firefox Developer Tools

Firefox Developer Tools

Responsive view

Two views of the same page

Firefox OS Simulator

Firefox OS Simulator

Where to find more info…

App Store(s)

Mozilla Marketplace

Developer phones

Developer phones


Red panda (Firefox)
Photo by Yortw